Top 10 Nicotine Withdrawal Tips

It is possible to provide good quality advice to your friends, especially if he or she is trying to quit smoking. If you know your friend is going through withdrawals (or even if you are the one going through such a bad time) then you should definitely take a look at this great set of tips. These will be very helpful, especially if you are going crazy with your withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to control them and also how to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Understand the symptoms first.

It is very important to understand what the main withdrawal symptoms are like. Take a look at the small list below and see whether or not you are having withdrawal symptoms.

• Cravings
• Lack of concentration
• Anxiety
• Weight gain and more appetite
• Fatigue
• Anger
• Depression feelings
• Restlessness

The 8 tips to overcome such feelings

1- If you feel like smoking drink water! – it is always important to ignore the feeling of smoking by doing something healthy, drinking water is certainly something good for you to do.

2- Have a balanced diet – if you feel like smoking, have a fruit! Fruits can be very good for your body and will substitute your desires to smoke.

3- Exercise – if you distract yourself you will be able to feel much better as well. If you have a balanced life style you will certainly be able to forget smoking much, much faster.

4- Breath in, breath out – if you feel the pressure is too much make sure you breath in and breath out in order to relax and to go on.

5- Think about other things – you can always distract yourself by thinking in other things. You can go out, have fun with friends, have a delicious meal out and so on.

6- Always sleep well – It is very important to sleep at least 8 hours per night. You will feel much better than ever.

7- Have support 24 hours a day – it is very important to have people surround you with love , support and also with great words. The more people help you the easier it will all get.

8- Think about today – every single day is very important for you, make sure you have today as the most important day of your life! Never postpone.see what she said in her latest comment.

9- Keep yourself busy – it is very important to keep your mind always distracted with work, school and so on.


10- Know how to deal with your anxiety and restlessness – you can deal with these two issues that are probably the biggest ones when it comes to getting rid of nicotine.

If you follow these great tips you will certainly be able to get over with the withdrawals as soon as possible! You should read these tips and also go online and look for other ideas that will also be helpful for you. To start your research plans you can go online right now and take a look at the following site. You will certainly love the tips!see