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A History of the Electronic Cigarette Year by Year

It seems like electronic cigarette are everywhere in Australia. Do you know much about this useful little device? We thought not! Here’s a quick overview of the rocky road that brought us to the e-cig we know today.

1963- The rise of the first electronic cigarette.

No, they’re not as modern as you may think! 1963 saw Mr H Gilbert apply for a patent for a vaporizing tobacco device. Alas, it never went further than that, and the electronic cigarette idea he had withered away from the public gaze. That wasn’t the end of the idea, however. The decades between them and the introduction of the proper e-cigarette to Australia, tobacco companies tinkered with the idea of non-combustion cigarettes, and models actually were released to the market- but never saw commercial success. The taste wasn’t liked, and the idea was vetoed in general- because it would prove that normal cigarettes weren’t the safest!