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A Bill Is Passed to Ban the Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors

A bill to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors was raised and finally passed on Thursday 24th April 2014. This will see an amendment to be made to the Smoke-Free Air Act, which became law in the USA in 2002. This will now mean that e-cigarettes will be classed the same as regular cigarettes.

The bill has been passed despite objections from campaigners, who believe that e-cigs help people quit their use of regular cigarettes.  Advocates of e-cigarettes claim that they are a healthy alternative to conventional tobacco products as they don’t produce lung-destroying tar. Unfortunately their long term medical effects are yet to be fully explored and further tests are required within the industry. (more…)

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Top 10 Nicotine Withdrawal Tips

It is possible to provide good quality advice to your friends, especially if he or she is trying to quit smoking. If you know your friend is going through withdrawals (or even if you are the one going through such a bad time) then you should definitely take a look at this great set of tips. These will be very helpful, especially if you are going crazy with your withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to control them and also how to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Understand the symptoms first.

It is very important to understand what the main withdrawal symptoms are like. Take a look at the small list below and see whether or not you are having withdrawal symptoms.

• Cravings
• Lack of concentration
• Anxiety
• Weight gain and more appetite
• Fatigue
• Anger
• Depression feelings
• Restlessness

The 8 tips to overcome such feelings

1- If you feel like smoking drink water! – it is always important to ignore the feeling of smoking by doing something healthy, drinking water is certainly something good for you to do.

2- Have a balanced diet – if you feel like smoking, have a fruit! Fruits can be very good for your body and will substitute your desires to smoke.

3- Exercise – if you distract yourself you will be able to feel much better as well. If you have a balanced life style you will certainly be able to forget smoking much, much faster.

4- Breath in, breath out – if you feel the pressure is too much make sure you breath in and breath out in order to relax and to go on.

5- Think about other things – you can always distract yourself by thinking in other things. You can go out, have fun with friends, have a delicious meal out and so on.

6- Always sleep well – It is very important to sleep at least 8 hours per night. You will feel much better than ever.

7- Have support 24 hours a day – it is very important to have people surround you with love , support and also with great words. The more people help you the easier it will all get.

8- Think about today – every single day is very important for you, make sure you have today as the most important day of your life! Never postpone.see what she said in her latest comment.

9- Keep yourself busy – it is very important to keep your mind always distracted with work, school and so on.


10- Know how to deal with your anxiety and restlessness – you can deal with these two issues that are probably the biggest ones when it comes to getting rid of nicotine.

If you follow these great tips you will certainly be able to get over with the withdrawals as soon as possible! You should read these tips and also go online and look for other ideas that will also be helpful for you. To start your research plans you can go online right now and take a look at the following site. You will certainly love the tips!see http://www.wikihow.com/Quit-Smoking-Cold-Turkey.

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Secondhand Smoke Facts

Second hand smoke is by far one of the worst things you could ever smoke. Second hand smoke is even worse than the average “first line” smoke by a couple of reasons. First of all this “second” means that it is even worse than the average one because it contains certain substances that are basically “junk”. This kind of smoke is made out of two substances, the first is called sidestream smoke, which means it is the smoke that the end of a cigarette, pipe or even cigar has. The second substance is the mainstream smoke which mean it is the smoke exhaled by the smoker.


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8 Things Not to Say to Someone Trying to Quit Smoking

When you see someone that is trying to quit smoking it is very important to be supportive and to help the person go through the situation and to really stop with such a bad habit as soon as possible. Although millions of people all over the world feel like smoking it is important to remember that this is a very bad habit. If you know someone that is trying to quit, make sure you give all of the support you can, after all, the more support you give the better it will be for the person to feel comfortable and to be able to truly quit! Take a look at the top 8 things that you should never say to your friend that is trying to quit smoking!

You will feel when it is time to quit – no, never say that please! Your friend needs to quit right now and not when he feels like he should. You should support him to quit right now and not later on. The sooner your friend is able to get rid of such addiction the better.visit our source for more details.

You will end up smoking again – no, please! Way to support your friends huh! It is important to say the right things and not to say these words that do nothing but make people less willing to quit. You should give positive examples and help the person think positive! You will certainly be able to help everybody by providing helpful words.

Just one cigarette is fine – no, a cigarette a day is certainly not fine. It is important to help your friends never see a cigarette again! The more you give incentives the better. You will certainly be able to help by not being negative.

You will die soon – well, if your friend has been smoking for decades now it is not a good idea to tell him that is closer to dyeing. Give incentives and say that his life will change for better and not that he will die.

Get over it! – this is not a good sentence, not in several different topics, especially when talking about smoking. Nicotine has a huge effect on the body, so make sure you are not mean when you see people smoking. You should say nice words and not be mean. This is certainly a bad thing to say!

You are cranky, have a cigarette – do not give this kind of advice, this is not good at all and it will only serve as temptation.

quitting smoke

You quit smoking you get fat! –another bad sentence. This is certainly far from being helpful, especially if your friend is a woman.

If you don’t quit soon… – do not put pressure! You will certainly be very helpful if you are beside the person giving good advice and not pressuring the person to quit fast. This cannot be done overnight.

Take a look at the link below for extra information on the matter. You will certainly know what not to say!check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoking_cessation.

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5 Life Lessons You Only Learn Through Quitting Smoking

There are some very good lessons you will only be able to learn once you finally quit smoking. Although some people are not able to quit before they die, if you are reading this you still have a lot of time! You will be able to quit and you will also learn these 5 facts! It is important to think about your life, after all smoking will make it much shorter. Take a look at the 5 life lessons that you will only be able to understand once you finally quit smoking. The sooner you do that the better, after all you should focus on your life.


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Homemade Vaporizer

Do you think you have a smoking problem? Would you feel better if you had a THC problem instead of a smoking problem? Do you know what a vaporizer does? If you are here, you obviously know what is used for.for more details,get redirected here.


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Know about Marijuana

Potential medical marijuana patients should know that residents of Colorado, California, Michigan, and 11 more US states are legally permitted to use, possess, cultivate, distribute and purchase certain amounts of medical marijuana established by each state’s laws. Moreover, today patients can fearlessly discuss any issues regarding medical marijuana use with their health care providers. The medicine brings rich harvest, for example, as of today since the enactment of Amendment 20, more than 100,000 of Colorado residents have been successfully conducted through medical marijuana treatments. And this is just one state’s numbers. If we sum all of the 14 states, the numbers will be too cosmic! Marijuana Licenses is dedicated to supply medical marijuana card registration, extensive treatment plans, evaluation of patients, and complete media support for each customer in a carrying attitude. Marijuana Licenses intends to provide its customers with high end medical marijuana card registration services. The company supplies round-the-clock evaluation service to meet the needs of the patients.

Marijuana License’s doctors are very educated, qualified, and carrying in all the matters related to the treatment via medical marijuana. With Marijuana Licenses, every client can get their medicinal marijuana card very easy. Marijuana Licenses will gladly assist you in obtaining your medication the most suitable way.

Medical Marijuana

Over the last several decades scientists were poring over the marijuana plant, seeking for its supposed medical preferences. Luckily, their efforts weren’t spent in vain and today, the benefits of medical marijuana take their firm positions in the niche of natural treatment. In the antiquity, there were several nations that used marijuana for pain relief. They were Ancient Chinese, Ancient Greeks, and Ancient Egyptians. This is where the knowledge about some sort of cannabis’s medical value comes from. Fortunately, there are already 14 states in the USA that have legalized medical marijuana. This is a good sign, which indicates that medical marijuana is truly showing great results in today’s medicine.Read more information at the original source.


Medical Marijuana: A Medicine

Medical marijuana is reputed for curing patients that suffer from a variety of bad diseases, which involve anorexia, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, just to name a few. It is a fact that has been proved throughout multiple researches that were conducted for about last 40 year. Moreover, these researches are still conducted, and they persistently bring up more proofs of the amazing preferences of medical marijuana. It is an unbelievable opportunity for patients to stop their pain and avoid the countless side effects induced by the majority of general prescription drugs, and enjoy the effects and results of successful medical marijuana treatment.for more information and details, please visit the website http://www.ecigworld.com.au/.

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Have you ever wondered, what’s in Cigarette smoke?

Well, there’s a whole lot more besides tar & nicotine. While the tar and carbon particulate is largely responsible for lung cancer and damage to health, over 4000 other chemicals have been identified in cigarette smoke, many of which are toxic and carcinogenic. Many of these chemicals are even more dangerous in combination. Some of these chemicals far exceed EPA smokestack emissions, and are banned from landfills. Traces of Dioxin and PCBs, and believe it or not, Hydrazine (a deadly rocket fuel) have been identified in cigarette smoke. Tobacco also contains methoprene, and other insecticides, even DDT. The CDC has done an extensive study on carcinogens in cigarette smoke. Nicotine itself is used as an insecticide. In fact, a home-made insecticide can be made by soaking cigarettes in soapy water.