Secondhand Smoke Facts

Second hand smoke is by far one of the worst things you could ever smoke. Second hand smoke is even worse than the average “first line” smoke by a couple of reasons. First of all this “second” means that it is even worse than the average one because it contains certain substances that are basically “junk”. This kind of smoke is made out of two substances, the first is called sidestream smoke, which means it is the smoke that the end of a cigarette, pipe or even cigar has. The second substance is the mainstream smoke which mean it is the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

Why is second hand smoke worse?

The second hand smoke is considered by the US health institute (the Environmental Protection Agency known as EPA) as a cancer causing agent. It is strong and filled with substances that get into our lungs and cells very fast, which means our bodies absorb the bad substances much faster than it should. There is a bad mixture of substances in these that can have people die much faster. It is important to understand why these are bad as well as try to stay away from such substances, after all your life is much better than a cheaper cigarette.

Second hand smoke is bad for several parts of the body and not only the lungs…

People that use second hand smoke tend to believe that the smoke is only bad for their lungs and increase their chances of having lung cancer. Well, this is true, however second hand smoke is also bad for other parts of your body and can also make other types of cancer appear. For example, the second hand smoke can also cause other cancers such as breast cancer for women. It is possible to find the smoke on the breast tissue and also on the milk when women breastfeed. This is bad not only for the woman but it is also very bad for the baby.

Second hand smoke can cause other diseases such as the following…

• Complication such as heart diseases and heart attacks

• Thousands of lung cancer victims all over the world every single year. In the US alone second hand smoke causes over 50.000 deaths every single year.

• It also complicates the condition of people that have asthma and also those that are around people that smoke.

Lower respiratory tract infections in over half a million people only in the United Sates.

• This condition also hurts children and those around who smoke. People that have the flu are much likely to end up at the intensive care area just because they had contact with second hand smoke.


The bottom line.

Second hand smoke should be avoided whenever possible, after all it causes many diseases and terrible conditions. If you would like to keep healthy and avoid infections, cancer and other related diseases make sure you do not smoke anything that contains second hand smoke. You will certainly be able to feel much better and also have a much longer life by doing so. Check the link for more info at,0,685558.story