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Have you ever wondered, what’s in Cigarette smoke?

Well, there’s a whole lot more besides tar & nicotine. While the tar and carbon particulate is largely responsible for lung cancer and damage to health, over 4000 other chemicals have been identified in cigarette smoke, many of which are toxic and carcinogenic. Many of these chemicals are even more dangerous in combination. Some of these chemicals far exceed EPA smokestack emissions, and are banned from landfills. Traces of Dioxin and PCBs, and believe it or not, Hydrazine (a deadly rocket fuel) have been identified in cigarette smoke. Tobacco also contains methoprene, and other insecticides, even DDT. The CDC has done an extensive study on carcinogens in cigarette smoke. Nicotine itself is used as an insecticide. In fact, a home-made insecticide can be made by soaking cigarettes in soapy water.