Homemade Vaporizer

Do you think you have a smoking problem? Would you feel better if you had a THC problem instead of a smoking problem? Do you know what a vaporizer does? If you are here, you obviously know what is used for.for more details,get redirected here.

Vaporizers are a healthier choice for people who do not enjoy the smoke that is generated while “Smoking”, but enjoy the affects of THC. Here at homemade vaporizer, we will try to provide up to date information on new home made vaporizers as well as a general forum for people with new ideas or construction methods of homemade vaporizer. A vaporizer essentially, cooks the chemical THC out of the weed and allows you to inhale fewer carcinogens while getting stoned. Less smoke inhalation will leave your body feeling better and certainly keep the resins out of your lungs. The tar that is associated with resin that is part of the smoke that is inhaled can cause respiratory issues that none of us want.more information at http://www.observer-reporter.com/article/20140809/NEWS01/140809489#.U-i6eqNGadE.

The same principle of inhaling less resin is used with bongs or water pipes, but not to the same degree or level as a homemade vaporizer. If you have not smoked out of a vaporizer then you will be pleased to know that when you do eventually smoke out of a vaporizer you will see little to know smoke expelled when you exhale. For those of you that have smoked out of a vaporizer you understand exactly what I am talking about. I have had many people smoke out of a homemade vaporizer and tell me that it doesn’t work or that they don’t get the same affect from smoking out of the homemade vaporizer. I guess this statement is true about any vaporizer. I have to agree with all you, but I will also tell you why you don’t feel the same affects. Have you ever smoked a cigarette, cigar or a clove cigarette?

Did you feel a head change from all of them? I’ll bet you money that you did feel a head change. This affect comes from the carcinogens that are in the smoke. So, essentially you are getting high from these carcinogens in smoke as well as the THC when you smoke weed. Another prime example is the ingestion of THC in butter or in cooking. If you have consumed pot butter you know that the affect from eating THC is different than smoking it. This holds true when you are consuming THC with a homemade vaporizer. The affect is different, cleaner and definitely intoxicating.

The good news is that a homemade vaporizer will provide more hits of THC than a bong, joint, pipe or water pipe. One simple reason is that a bong, joint, pipe or water pipe allows the weed to keep burning and wasting the smoke after you cannot inhale any more smoke. Another reason is that a homemade vaporizer releases a stronger concentration of THC in your lunges than that from conventional smoking methods.

Home Made Vaporizers

When you try a vaporizer, make sure you give yourself a solid 10 days of smoking solely through a vaporizer. This will allow your body and mind to get in a habit of not inhaling smoke as well as giving your body time to expel the carcinogens. Once these two things have happened, then you can truly judge if the homemade vaporizer is best for you.