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Latest study suggests E-cigarettes do not cause cancer

The comparison of E-cigarettes is always been done with traditional cigarettes since they serve the same purpose – extinguishing the nicotine craving of human beings. However cigarettes and E-cigarettes have a huge gap when it comes to the affects they have on the human body. Cigarettes have been known to cause cancer and cancer has been the biggest killer of mankind irrespective of age sex and ethnicity all over the world. This is attributed to the various kinds of carcinogens present within cigarettes that are introduced into the human body via puffing smoke with traditional cigarettes.

The fact that cigarettes have more harm on the human body than any good effects is another reason for the rising popularity of e-cigarettes which have proven their mettle in the market by the volumes of sales and the increase in the popularity and acceptability of these e-cigarettes even in public places.

Research has proven E-cigarettes do not cause cancer

A recent study funded by British American Tobacco has proved that E-cigarette devices are less harmful than traditional cigarette smoke. The company that funded the study produces some of the finest brands of cigarettes including Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Lucky Strike and Rothmans. The company’s team of researchers used a vaping device manufactured by the same company to see the effects on their chosen sample and found that vapour emitted via vaping was less harmful and has less chances of developing cancer as compared to smoke released from smoke emitted via traditional cigarettes. Even NHS agrees that vaping is far better than smoking a traditional cigarette.

The new research coming from cigarette manufactures once confirmed by independent researchers will be a landmark in terms of manufacturing and marketing of e-cigarettes for e-cigarette manufacturers that are already reeling under various pressures from different quarters especially from the tobacco lobby that has seen a sudden and sharp decline in the sale of tobacco products. E cigarettes are also seen as a potential tool for smokers to leave and come clean from the habit of smoking.

No Second hand smoke with E cigarettes

Vaping does not cause second hand smoke which reduces the risk of cancer for people sitting around a vaper. This is not possible for people who are exposed to people smoking. Second hand smoking has been touted to be more dangerous since the smoke is not even filtered that goes into passive smokers.

Family of a smoker is the most adversely affected in case the smoker chooses to smoke indoors. In summers one can easily go out and have a drag however in winters one does not have choice but to smoke indoors and expose all family members to passive smoking harms.

Vapours released while vaping do not have any such second had vapes that may harm the health of people around the person having a drag at his favorite nicotine laden e-juice. Vaping indoors will neither be harmful for people nor for the home. Cigarette butts have been known to cause fires when left unattended especially in homes made of wood.