8 Things Not to Say to Someone Trying to Quit Smoking

When you see someone that is trying to quit smoking it is very important to be supportive and to help the person go through the situation and to really stop with such a bad habit as soon as possible. Although millions of people all over the world feel like smoking it is important to remember that this is a very bad habit. If you know someone that is trying to quit, make sure you give all of the support you can, after all, the more support you give the better it will be for the person to feel comfortable and to be able to truly quit! Take a look at the top 8 things that you should never say to your friend that is trying to quit smoking!

You will feel when it is time to quit – no, never say that please! Your friend needs to quit right now and not when he feels like he should. You should support him to quit right now and not later on. The sooner your friend is able to get rid of such addiction the better.visit our source for more details.

You will end up smoking again – no, please! Way to support your friends huh! It is important to say the right things and not to say these words that do nothing but make people less willing to quit. You should give positive examples and help the person think positive! You will certainly be able to help everybody by providing helpful words.

Just one cigarette is fine – no, a cigarette a day is certainly not fine. It is important to help your friends never see a cigarette again! The more you give incentives the better. You will certainly be able to help by not being negative.

You will die soon – well, if your friend has been smoking for decades now it is not a good idea to tell him that is closer to dyeing. Give incentives and say that his life will change for better and not that he will die.

Get over it! – this is not a good sentence, not in several different topics, especially when talking about smoking. Nicotine has a huge effect on the body, so make sure you are not mean when you see people smoking. You should say nice words and not be mean. This is certainly a bad thing to say!

You are cranky, have a cigarette – do not give this kind of advice, this is not good at all and it will only serve as temptation.

quitting smoke

You quit smoking you get fat! –another bad sentence. This is certainly far from being helpful, especially if your friend is a woman.

If you don’t quit soon… – do not put pressure! You will certainly be very helpful if you are beside the person giving good advice and not pressuring the person to quit fast. This cannot be done overnight.

Take a look at the link below for extra information on the matter. You will certainly know what not to say!check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoking_cessation.