5 Life Lessons You Only Learn Through Quitting Smoking

There are some very good lessons you will only be able to learn once you finally quit smoking. Although some people are not able to quit before they die, if you are reading this you still have a lot of time! You will be able to quit and you will also learn these 5 facts! It is important to think about your life, after all smoking will make it much shorter. Take a look at the 5 life lessons that you will only be able to understand once you finally quit smoking. The sooner you do that the better, after all you should focus on your life.

Number 5 – Do not expect people to support you, be your very own supporter. It might sound a little bad, however most people do not really care about your health and whether you smoke or not. It might sound mean, however the world is too busy and people that are not from your family probably do not pay attention to what you do with your life. You should always pay attention to what you do because you are the only one that is able to say what is good for you or not. You should love yourself first!

Number 4 – Your body can be a pretty good liar –It is possible to understand that your body is a very good liar, after all it craves for smoke when in reality you never needed it. You should understand and see it pretty clearly once you finally quit smoking. Your body craves for smoke because it is addicted to it and not because it truly needs it. Make sure you always understand what you need and not what your body craves for.

Number 3 – Your mood will never be the same – who said you need smoke to be happy and to feel calm? No, you do not need that. You can be very happy and to feel calm without the need to smoke. Once again your body can lie to you and “tell you” that you can only be happy if you have a cigarette in your mouth. You should be happy on your own and not because of a cigarette or any other substance. Keep that in mind, soon you will understand.There are many information that can be found in  our latest post updates.

Number 2 – Nothing lasts forever – If you are in pain, angry, nervous…it does not matter what you are feeling at the moment, all that matters is that nothing lasts forever, so do not worry, you do not need cigarettes in order to make everything seem nicer. You can easily understand that you will see life in a whole other way. You will not need any substance to make your world shine brighter.

Learning to quit smoking

Number 1 – You are the whole who can control your mood, and not a cigarette – You are able to control what you feel and who you are, you do not need anything to help you! It is important to always keep that in mind, after all you need these lessons in your life! Take a look at the following link for more info http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/25/business/media/hard-to-watch-commercials-to-make-quitting-smoking-easier.html.